Contextual advertsing

Cnet - contextual advertising .... again

Searching on CNET for a camera, you find the great information and comparison tools which are playing a more important role in product sales.

While the channels for purchase are now ' one click ', with warranty support normally involving shipping back to a warehouse for replacement these information sites and price comparison portals are providing increasing important role.

Cnet , at the beginning of each product demo, has a 15 second advert of a relevant supplier ..... well , if you live in the US.

You are also presented with buying options ( all sponsored ) again , all for the US.

CNET therefore interrupt you as a consumer to deliver a completely irrelevant message, they also then make the purchasing decision one which you take into your own hands and do not maximise the value they are offering to there partners and sponsors. I know for a fact that delivering indents that are both contextual ( based on profile ) and geographical is not impossible , it would significantly improve revenue streams both sides of the pond - else, we are getting back to broadcast...... actually , even they deliver country specific advertising ......

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