How can we enhance our credibility on the web - building credibility within one segment, does not always flow through to other areas of commerce should these be disjointed.

Tesco has done a great job of building an elastic brand surrounding value, how do other businesses tackle expansion into new and diverse areas which may not always be linked in the consumers mind.

Ikarma’s offering may be an insight in how this could be tackled – their solution is a independent ratings portal which allows all your customer to leave feedback on your products and services which not linked to a single portal ( such as Amazons and ebays ratings systems )

Finding a trusted reliable source for a builder or plumber should surely give merit – it would make perfect sense for online directories such as Yellow Pages to include this information in their online offering .

Organisations can build credibility which is portable, they could expand into different services or product offering, leveraging their history and legacy to add instant weight in there new field of operation or product offering.

With more and more choice on offer ( over 8,000 mortgage products in the UK alone ) the use of this marketing technology to build Word Of Mouth and trust will play an ever increasing role in consumers decision processes

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