New channel - old business rules

With a whole raft of offerings out there in the DVD rental space ( which will show significant growth until broadband delivery gains the two R's of reliability and reach ) you would think that providers of the service would look for more than just price to differentiate themselves, especially for long term customer loyality and the ability to use the vehicle to enter in dialouge of futher products and services...... Not Tesco and their partnership with Video Island.

Recently the Royal mail took it upon themselves to loose a returned DVD - having to wait 4 days before I could report the problem ( which begs the argument with the rental model and costs associted to them in terms of turn around ) I was informed that I needed to complete a paper form ( which could take upto 10 days to be delivered ) to report the loss. In the mean time my account is effectivly frozen and a charge of £20 applied to this while we resolve this matter.

Services like this are built on trust - one strike and your out rules should not apply. Why also use old methods for resolving customer issues, my choice to go online already indicates how I wish to conduct business.

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