RFID - the future of shopping

RFID Mobile internet is the future, fixed cable access will no longer exist. This offers a chance for consumer communities to interact more effectively.

Communities which traditionally have been limited to the locations of the connecting devices ( PC fixed to desk ) has meant that opportunities to extend, engage and interact contextually with customers while in situ ( store, street ) have been limited in format and relevance.

RFID now offers us a chance to have extended dialogue to help them ( the consumer ) to make decisions / reinforce brand / offer purchasing options which can be more flexible and relevant based on location. We must be conscious to place the consumer back into the decision cycle , to empower them to make there own choices.

Coupons for irrelevant products and offers will only go the same way as paper based handouts and variants as each shop due to the cost of deployment ( a simple change to the till system internally will allow for new messages to be sent from there transponders ) will result in a overflow of information to which my genuine offers and interests will be lost. Shopping spam.RFID to enhance the shopping experience – CD picked up , Video starts playing. Device in pocket communicates to the item , then adds to my personal shopper list for research later , discount offer , research etc.


The store – the stores layout and offer of goods can be dynamically changed. Using video and projectors for signage you could in theory move products from front to back store with ease, electronic shelf pricing would alter, local video displays could show relevant promotion material to the consumer.

Shopping trolley screens – RFID / LCD enabledResearch shows that 80% of decisions are subconscious once the customer is within the store ( confirm this is across store type and value ) which lends RFID enabled shopping trolleys to make recommendations on complimenting items , download shopping lists to the screen based on the user ID to ensure no more forgotten items. The trolley is also then able to interact with the store itself, items on shelf special offers.

Other ideas - allowing for expansion of instore services – once at the checkout dry cleaning department alerted to have items ready, valet parking to pre-position vehicle ( airport – gold card embedded ) RFID in the car dealer – tag the car, follow it’s progress through the garage from valet, to the ramp to being ready via the web. SMS to the customer saying your car is ready for pickup and collection.Loyalty card – the card is not smart , rather the shop is. All data captured and collected.

If I pickup pair of football boots it can associated my position in proximity to the items, these shows my interest and pattern in store. Stores spend vast amounts of viewing shoppers behaviours instore, why not RFID shopping trolleys to perform this function, must be a way of tying in the store card to identify the subject , then monitor and offer promotions based on there behaviour instore.

Complimentary is the key.

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