Spider Man 3 - Sony pictures new release has embraced the power of WOM.

When Honda released the power of dreams, showing the heritage and values that were deep within Honda but little recognised to the outside world it built a story. A story which upon reflection made us all think, ‘ Wow, these guys and girls stand for something ‘ whether it be the environment or the dedication to engineering excellence – they used the past in order to sell their future.

Today most film releases concentrate on the here and now, they hype and tease. Sure they build stories that may use the past ( how many times have we seen terror of the house many years ago , only now today to reek revenge on some unsuspecting teenagers who take the wrong turn ) but none really have the heritage of story of many classic characters such as Spider Man.

Sony has in most part done a great job of embracing the very beginnings of Spidey, delivering it all using the most modern parts of social networking.

Social Networking

Above and beyond screen savers which do very little in terms of Word of Mouth and the standard mobile content, they have pushed into the realms of MySpace and Blogging with Widgets and templates.

Knowing there connecting market will be more than happily switch all of their previous hard work in designing there own portals to take a piece of the Spidey brand wagon for the next two months is brilliant - this is an example of marketing technology at it's best.

They have not made the mistake of just providing just another blogging area on a branded site, but provided a place where people can find tools to takeaway and use which will promote and encourage the all powerful word of mouth – word of mouth that is not generated by the corporation, but Word of Mouth that is generated by people.


By embracing the very roots of Spider man and not neglecting the past ( the site covers all the previous Spider Man films ) and by using engaging interactive location maps of New York to good effect , they remind you why you enjoyed the old films so much. This also serves the purpose of reinforcing the new story line, reminding you of characters from the first film and also connecting you with the original Marvel comics, ensuring all fans are catered for.

This connection is a recognition that there is an ardent following out there going back many years.

Yes they have provided a blogging area on the site, but they have also given enough takeaway items for people to seed , share and talk about in there own social networks to ensure this is a very talked about film.

Sony pictures has used technology to recognise the past, while embraced the future

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