The future of books

Recent survey from Penguin books

  • Three in four teenagers get their information on books from the Internet and wished there was more information on books available to them on the Internet.
  • Nearly 44% of surveyed teens never or rarely visit a chain bookshop and 68% never or rarely visit an independent bookshop.
  • 69% of teens think they will be doing more reading online in the future.
  • Teens who rate reading as cool are the most frequent visitors to social networking sites.

The last point you would think is an obvious one, so why is there so little supplemental information available on the Internet to accompany books ?

Consider this : There must be an awful lot of additional content that gets cut before publication of books, why not have a promotional code in the back of the books which gives you access to all this additional content.

Once someone has purchased your book you have no clue to who they are in the retail world.

This would be a great way for marketing to use technology to engage people and build a long term, relevant relationship.

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Nigel said...

Hi Trevor,
Martin Lindstrom used the idea of extending printed books online with his most recent publications: BrandChild and BRAND sense. Each book had a unique ID code printed on or in it which allowed access to the new content at DualBook.com.