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web price comparison instore using your camera phone

Barcodes have been around since the late 1980’s. It’s use in retail and supermarkets is unquestionably successful, however consumer applications using the technology have been less widespread in there adoption.

In Asia it is reasonably common for outdoor advertising to carry barcodes which when scanned by camera phones, action some form of trigger - normally a download to the unit or a redirection to a website.

Marketing’s preference in the UK is to use short codes, we are all familiar with texting a short keyword to a 5 digit number to fulfill the same purpose.

However it seems an awful waste when you consider barcodes are present on every item for sale in the retail world, surly some form of marketing technology can make use of humble barcode?


The idea is simple. After installation of specialty barcode reading software from ScanZoom your phone becomes a hybrid barcode reader, but with a twist.

Scanning items using your your camera phone the barcodes are then translated into the product or item information which is then sent to Price-Grabber and Amazon ( for books ) for price comparison.
marketing technology
Two key benefits
For the consumer : A neat way of ensuring you can barter for the best deals for those impulse purchases.
For the compaines : An important way to gain insight into our considerations and decisions

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technology is getting better every day, interesting article.