3D - no glasses required

It is thought that this year many movie production studios such as Dream Works will produce much of their output in 3D format for cinema. Already recent releases such as ' Monsters VS Aliens ' and the up and coming science fiction film from James Cameron ' Avatar ' indicates 2009 and 2010 will be the year 3D becomes more widely adopted.

Debuted in 2006 by Burton technologies their system which involves firing laser pulses at point in space to ionise the air ( thus creating a ball of plasma ) has been upgraded to increase the firing rate from 200 to 1000 ' flash-points ' per second - in effect increasing the resolution available.

In previous posts on 3D the technology involved has been to project images onto screens to give the illusion of 3D, however these recent advancements in laser technologies means true ' projected ' 3D images could be coming to a cinema ( or at the very least an advertising billboard ) near you pretty soon.

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source : new scientist , delotte

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