3471 miles, one large pizza.....

and a personal response from there customer service department all in under 4 hours (the pizza took 20 minutes from order).

Slightly off topic I know, but ordering online from London a large pizza for my work colleagues in NewYork (as I always interrupt there lunch because of the time difference) for delivery had a relevance and instant (well almost) gratification for both them (full bellies) and myself (now I do not feel so guilty).
marketing technology
They fulfilled there promise of a 20 minute delivery, I had the ability to track the pizza from the oven, to the delivery van right upto the office for delivery. Sure the feedback email could have been crafted to at least appear more personal, but for an outlet that deals with ticket items with a $20 value I commend them for completing the customer service and satisfaction 'loop'.

All of this from a small outlet?
marketing technology
no - a multinational that understands customers satisfaction is imperative to command their loyalty - Domino's.

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