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Survey's are a necessary evil

They offer the insight and intelligence that, when combined with other metrics such as sales data give organisations insight on how best to target, talk and engage with current, potential and existing customers.

Organisations such as Dynamic logic offer online survey technologies, gleaning these insights with an immediacy far greater than that offered by existing methods post, face to face, telephone interviews.

However in the day and age of hype cycles that last days rather than weeks and the ability for advertising campaigns to be launched and changed with increased immediacy through social media sites, things need to happen faster and have increased relevance.

Nielsens Brandlift, a partnership with Facebook last year in the US signalled a more immediate and intimate method for measuring the impact of advertising through the site.

This service has now launched in the UK.

The idea

  • User group one are exposed to Facebook adverts
  • The Facebook ad systems create a small control group whose profile matches that of your target audience, however these users will not be exposed to the advertisement
  • A Poll is then show to both sets of user groups in a simple short format
  • Results are processed and compared.


The use of the inbuilt tools within Facebook ( the poll ) giving familiarity to the users and the short form nature of the questions has resulted in higher than average responses to the surveys.
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Couple this with the segmentation offered by the site through your user profile information ( thus to remove unnecessary questions which in turn increases response rates and one would guess, honesty in response. ) adds to the success of this method and gives advertisers a quick method to test and review their campaign effectiveness

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