Where, how and how often do you "do it?"

There are more mobile phones in India than there are toilets

Europeans are spending more time on ‘Internet-on-the-move’ (6.4 hours a week) compared to reading newspapers (4.8 hours) or magazines (4.1 hours)

Confirmation that the rise in laptop ownership is driving greater media convergence – 36% of Europeans use the Internet whilst watching TV (see previous blog on 3 screen usage)

There are now 121 million wireless broadband users in Europe

71 million Europeans use the Internet on their mobile each week – for an average of almost one hour every day

There are more mobile Internet users in Turkey compared to those that access Internet via their PC (21% vs. 20% )

One in three teens sends over 100 texts a day

Teens communicate good news via Facebook Status, and bad news via email

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