Foursquare freebie

Domino's pizza has teamed up with Foursquare - the location based social networking application to offer free pizza's to the 'mayor's' and discounts to others who check in to the physical outlets.

Similar promotions have recently launched with big name brands such as Starbucks offering tangible rewards, rather than the previous gift of special 'badges' offered by other brands.

Show me the money

The move to actual rewards is key, currently there is sufficient 'buzz' and novelty around the application to allow for virtual gifts to hold some value in the users mind - however long term loyalty to both the tool and brands will require actual rewards that can be exchanged for goods or services.

Stick in onto social media - sure to work

However careful consideration must be given to these rewards in order to drive success, as the recent failure of a UK premiership football promotion by Umbro demonstrated - 48,000 people in one location, the offer of a signed football shirt translating into no more than 200 'check in's.

Maybe the offer of a pint or a pie would have been more 'relevant' for the fans......

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