Touchscreen goes virtual

As devices continue to shrink in size the challenge of controlling and inputting information is becoming more of an issue.

With Apple’s introduction of Siri and Googles continued efforts in voice recognition pointing to an appreciation that the traditional keypads days are numbered.

Chris Harrison, the man who brought you "skinput" - a technology that allows you to tap parts of your body to control menu systems and electronic devices, has now gone one "tap" further – offering an alternative to voice control for devices.

Omnitouch allows for any surface to be transformed into a touchscreen - be it your hand, a wall or table.

Using a pico projector to project the image on the target surface, technology based on the Kinect which takes care of the sensing (including field of depth) and some smart software which identifies the optimum projection area meaning you do not have to move closer or further away from the ‘screen’, allowing for surfaces that are not truly flat to be used, such as your hand.

Being able to transform any surface into an input device interesting on it's own, however becomes a compelling story when you consider electronic ‘smarts’ will be eventually integrated into items such as clothing in the future and how we will ultimately control these wearable devices.

links : wearable technology, Chris Harrson

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