"Survey Walls"

Penny for your thoughts

Launched last week Google consumer surveys allows publishers to create micro survey's on their sites which act as a "survey wall" to premium content.

Users completing the survey are allowed access to the premium content, with a payment kickback to the publisher.

This is a neat idea, especially when you consider the monetization of content has been fraught with challenges.

Question marks are raised over whether using the internet for survey's gives a representative sample of the population - as internet users tend to be younger, more affluent and in the most part better educated.


However the trade off of speed of execution means this is becoming a favoured way of gaining consumer insights, with results being aggregated, enriched with geographic and cookie information allowing for the data to be segmented by location and age, all presented back in real-time.

Further reading

Recently award winning journalist Anatole Kaletsky left the Times,close friends cited the limitation of readership caused by the pay-wall resulting in a reduction in feedback from the readership as being the reason for moving.

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