Back in the day

In our college days research was conducted in the library , spend hours researching and cross referencing and actually ended up understanding more about the surrounding information than the specific facts we initially wanted.

Nowadays with search the honing process of finding the answer immediately gives us a great ‘ veneer ‘ to our understanding , and in most case fulfils the need to hand – however it gave depth context and relevance. With brands no longer being able to live and breath on the fact they add value and are trusted because they are recognised , data and understanding are becoming more important again.

Time stealing

In effect these will be the person at the library, performing the research and ultimately providing the potential buyer with a simple decision – product A fits your requirements – brand name will come a second place in this. Photo’s – no digital cameras, no selecting which were your favourite shots, 24 shots and one may have been brilliant.

This though gives rise to the technology effect of time stealing, as now we have much more information, catalogue your photo’s , learn the software and buy a computer just to facilitate the photo album which we would have previously been happy with. In search of perfection may take away the ‘ feeling ‘ which old albums evoke.

Appreciation for the finer things – with over 1,000 songs in your pocket the argument goes how can you become intimate with music anymore, with the choice and availability along with illegal methods for obtaining and copying music ( previously to steal you would have had to physically been present, technology removes the accountability from a physiological point of view ) will the future generation tune into the finer points of artist works, or is this symptomatic of the fact we are all now content producers and the quality is no longer there for us to ponder and appreciate – for everyone Honda Cog, there are a thousand Crazy Frogs.

I always found my favourite albums were the ones I listened to over and over , I came to spend time with them and appreciate over time.

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