SMS - dead and buried..... not

Mobile Life survey conducted by YouGov, raises some statistics, which fail to surprise and demonstrates their proliferation :

Of 16,500 adults surveyed

  • 14% have two or more phones they use regularly
  • On average they make 2.8 calls per day, with an average of 3.6 text messages
  • Using data from the mobile data association , during the month of July 3.5 billion text were sent - which equates to 50 text messages per day for every woman, man and child for Great Britain
  • 70% replace their phones every 18 months , choosing function as the most important decider
  • 64% would be happy to use the phone to pay for small items , such as bus and tube tickets – at present 20% of people pay the London congestion charge in this way.
  • An overwhelming majority of people cannot survive a day without their mobile phone

And finally , only 14% of those surveyed would turn there phone off during sex…….

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