Road Kill - the place for Toyota popups ?

Following on from a previous article on the subject of contextual advertising (How should online deliver ' the message ' ) it is interesting to see the website traffic increase because of a poorly targeted campaign.

The site describes itself as a “ daily source for news and information about New York City's burgeoning Livable Streets movement. “ which translates to anything to do with New York – including an interesting section called “ The Weekly Carnage “ .

This section hyperlinks to various road traffic accidents and incidents in the boroughs, from fatalities to drink driving incidents – a place you would not expect to find a popup advert from Toyota.

From a marketing point of view I am sure the media buyers and planners followed the brief to the Nth degree however the context in this case is completely wrong.

For a media type which is has the ability for intelligence to be applied , why are there so many cases where this is still not the case ?

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