The end of the Savile Row Tailor?

Tailor made jeans which “ offer a fit only beaten by skin “ - The Technology first showcased over a year ago has finally made it into the high-street and could revolutionize the way we buy clothes in the future.

Bodymetrics is a body mapping scanner using light to take over 250 measurements from the body – translating these into a virtual body map which is then used for clothing manufacture.

The system using a large pod , which when entered ( with very little of your dignity left on ! ) uses these light sources to create and map every contour of your body – which the manufactures of the clothing say allows for extremely precise tailoring of clothes which t
oday is a pair of jeans, although the system in Harrods is also being used for mens suits.

After your ‘ scan ‘ hand measurements are taken for the waist and also to sanity check the computers measurements , then fabric and personalization such a monogramming are taken with an expected delivery time of around three weeks.

The high price for the jeans is presently down to the volumes and the still uniqueness of the service– if this were deployed more fully and integrated into the automated manufacturing process costs can only come down – it does represent though now an opportunity to further express the uniqueness we all enjoy from clothing in a expanded manner – with tailor made clothing.

There is no present central store for this scan information - how about an
RFID tag with all of this data contained for future shopping excursions - bodymetrics could really expand from there present suit and jean manufacture in many ways with my very personal profile, it offers an exciting prospect for the future of clothes buying.


Mark Taylor said...

As we discover and make available different "value exchanges" in storing personal information in an RFID card for future use, the privacy issues will lessen. I would store that data in an instant if it meant that I never had to try clothes on again.

Tania said...

Some of your information is misleading - bodymetrics make tailor cut suits exclusively for women NOT men at present. The most famous among their designers is Vivienne Westwood.

Vivienne Westwood Amphora Skirt Suit
Westwood quoted 'It was very popular. When we did that jacket, as soon as someone saw it, they wanted to try it on. As soon as they tried it they would buy it'''

Westwood description: ''This stretch wool 'Amphora' jacket and pencil skirt achieved an hourglass look without padding in an exaggerated version of the 'Metropolitan' Jacket. The enormous lapels which cover the torso and the huge button gave the collection its name.”

Harrods Signature Collection (Loro Piana)
The Harrods Signature Collection allows the customer to not only incorporate fabrics with exceptional quality, but also gives the customer the freedom to create her own look. Options from Buttons, Pockets , Collar Shape, Lapel and Decorative stitching are but to name a few of the almost endless possibilities that are classified as classic. You can choose jacket, trouser, skirt or waistcoat.

I'd also like to add that as technology improves in this area it will not reduce the cost of the garments. Each garment is hand made to each individual and therefore highly personal. A quality product and service will always remain a premium price.

Trevor Attridge said...

Following on from this - jeans arrived however the ' manual measurements ' made ended up being incorrect.

We therefore had a pair of jeans with the crutch 2 inches lower than intended and with a leg length which was , well on the short side.

A very personal pair of jeans - trouble is, not for the right person.

We wait another 2 weeks.....