Brand Flocking

Previously I touched on the effects our peers, trusted information sources and relationships effect decisions ( conscious or not ) when making a purchase ( link )

Word of mouth ( WOM ) growth can be seen all around us , with the increase in social based network sites and the increase in corporate blogs and tools making it easier for us , the customer / consumer to spread the word. These tools not only effect our nearest neighbours, but also effect those further on the periphery – much in the same way birds flock.

There are a set of rules by which they operate ( these could be translated to the rules of engagement set down from the brand owner ) which eventually dictate what we see in the behavior of the flock ( or in this case, us the customer ).

There is no one leader within the group ( translated to early adopters ) but each is following a general direction independently while maintaining distance and proximity to their nearest neighbours. This unconnected unrelated set of rules can influence a great number of people to behave in a way which although on the face of it seems to have direction and purpose, does not.

This influence of a few can and does affect the mass highlighting the need ‘ If we please you , tell others – if not , tell us . '

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