Digital media taking the lead

Interesting to see in the press both Renault and Heineken have decided to use digital to start their marketing campaigns, recognizing the increase in the importance of the medium in their core target groups.

The emphasis of the Twingo launch ( which means Twist", "Swing" and "Tango" ) is to be on interactivity with the consumer, perfect for the target of this French little number.

Traditionally car Marques have always started with supplemental press campaigns which followed on from the auto reviews – then launching into the TV space, digital then was used as a afterthought ( although more and more being tied into TV, it has always been secondary rather than primary )

Admittedly this approach would not work for the Mercedes M -Class due to the target audience , it does show though that digital no longer takes second place to more traditional media and will become the channel of choice for many brands.

Information from the UK’s National Statitics

“In 2006, 84 per cent of people aged 16 to 24 had used the Internet within the last three months, compared with 52 per cent of people aged 55 to 64 and 15 per cent of those aged 65 and over.”

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