Advertising’s effectiveness will diminish as we seek to multitask.

The UK government has now enforced laws to prevent you using your mobile phone while driving – a fine and points on your license now await you should you be caught.

This ‘ distraction ‘ and the need for us to ‘ multitask’ in this ever increasingly busy world not only effects how we conduct our lives , it has ramifications in how companies get there message across to consumers.

Convergence of functions is still proceeding at pace - example the advent of the Apple Iphone in June is going to further increase the effects of ‘Digital Distraction ‘ with it’s multiple functions.

Research shows that our ability to multitask reduces our effectiveness in areas such as ability to react to situations ( such as breaking at 70mph ) concentration and recall.

Many believe the young are able to multitask better than older age groups, this is not entirely true. While there ability to operate technology may be better , the older age groups are able to block out interruptions therefore in tests both achieve similar results.

The knock on effect is also once you are distracted, it takes time to get back to the original task.

While media in effect converges ( through the use of content aggregators such as netvibes, mywaves for mobile video ) into these devices and web portals our ability to recall and interact will come under ever increasing pressures from external forces these devices enable.

The key to internet marketing – make the interruption contextual and complimentary.

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