“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”

Following on from recent article I managed to catch up with Sammy "Flea Market " Montgomery, the Youtube and national TV appearing store owner from Alabama to talk about the effect of the commercial seen now by over 1million people across the globe.

The story

Sammy has been producing adverts for local TV for around 4 years to promote his store. In addition to this around 200 DVD’s have been given to friends and shoppers as everyone commented on the ‘ Happy ‘ upbeat nature of the adverts “ People loved my flow “

It was from one of these DVD’s the full two minute version ( the usual 30 second spots for TV are edits from this master ) was loaded onto YouTube.

A short time after The Ellen Degeneres show asked people to send in their favourite local advert – the reel got sent in and the rest as they say , is history.

According to Sammy there are around 600 websites now linking to the commercial with YouTube still registering over 10,0000 views each day.

“My ideas are Fresh and catchy – the tune gets in your head. There’s a war going on , people are too depressed, people like the way I dance , bug my eyes – it is happy and sincere”
The commercial is global “ I have had contact from all over the World including China , Germany, France , the people from the Bravo Channel it is amazing the response I have had“.

Combine all of this with the infamous Ellen Degeneres appearance, Sammy is well on the way to a true global reach.


Trouble is people cannot purchase furniture online via Sammy – his business is not suited to the distribution model the web requires – it is pure and simple retail outlet – he openly admits sales in the store for existing goods and services have not gone intergalactic.

With now Sammy as his own brand with international exposure, promoting a store which a good proportion of the globe cannot ( or want to ) reach, with products that are not readily transportable ( i.e furniture ) does this all result in no dollars through the door?

In this case not – merchandise

“Many people come to the store now to buy merchandise.” His strategy is nothing ground breaking , but opportunistic it is

  • New website will allow for merchandise sales online
  • Ring-tones – can’t wait
  • Extended dance version for distribution
  • T-shirts , posters pens mugs - you get the idea.
Sammy is looking for a brand or product – he is a larger than life character – is he the new face of Coke – maybe not , a cutting edge brand spokesman in the mobile arena , maybe.

On traditional advertising

Commenting on Automotive adverts he outlines that none of the adverts “ make the car your own “ citing the adverts are all too similar and not relevant to people. “ They should focus on features such as the Stereo and the leather. They need to make you think you are driving the car, tell you about the product is all about – my adverts are successful because they are true and believable”

He has a point – with addressable media now a real possibility this showman and salesman from Alabama is citing what all marketers are trying to achieve – addressability and context.

Before speaking with Sammy I had already received details via email of when the next advert is due to be shown , taking a real interest in the personal relationship side of business.

As Andy Warhol said everyone has 15 minutes of fame - the internet this is allowing this 15 minutes to linger, spread and develop.

When companies have their 15 minutes of fame, how will they react ?

Those who are less enterprising and flexible could see an awful lot of exposure resulting in a awful lot of lost opportunity.

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