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I have just come back from our annual CFO conference in Morocco ( I recommend taking a long weekend to this mystical place , which is only 3 hours from the UK )

In between discussing the numbers and compliance , I spoke to the assembled bean counters on the subject of marketing technology and the importance of ' relevance '.

Technology delivery channels are beginning to blend more – material is being used and re purposed for use in the offline and online world – TV is now regarded as online through the advances in interaction.

Customers – people we are talking to expect a more personalised / customised and most of all , relevant conversation with brands.

The increase in lean forward activities , i.e. web browsing has meant that now with the knowledge people are imparting through their implied actions or information they provide to us, it is no longer acceptable to deliver a one size fits all solution to their questions and purchase options.

Simply being on the web is no longer enough

Personalisation - This not just about inserting a name

First we have to listen and then respond to my requests and needs.

It is no longer good enough for people to invest their time to only receive standard material – it shows we are not listening

Are you really listening ?

The example of this is my recent enquiry in an Audi dealership. After spending over an hour in the show room working out my options , specification I was then handed a standard brochure – with a finance plan which had no transparency or information for me to make an informed decision on – this is not good enough.

I should have walked out with a tailored brochure to my time spent with the rep, options which were relevant to my personal circumstances but maybe not sold or talked about in depth during our time together – such as children’s fold down tables, heated rear seats other child friendly options - the technology is available , why do marketing not use it ?

Googles acquisition of double click demonstrates their desire to listen - and then more importantly enter into meaningful dialogue.

Most countries now and all in the future, viewing audiences are changing. Sporting events such as the World cup are one of the few time audience figures are massive, even here though relevance should still focus on segmenting the audience – again it is no longer good enough to rely on mass to get your message across – this mass can be made to work better through relevance.


In the UK a war is happening. Sky and Virgin are basically fighting over the control of the Internet connection in the living room. They know TV delivery is changing – control and understanding that technology is allowing will allow economies of scale give back the return on advertising clients are demanding – by using the knowledge they collect to convert into relevance . Combine these lean back activities and habits with my online behaviour and you can take a step forward in delivering a relevant offer.

The 30 second Ad – they say this is finished however there may be life left in this , as long as it is delivered in the correct context.

We touched on the impact and implications of ‘ Virtual Me ‘ and how moving traditional concepts into the online world and how this engaging lean forward content and activity is the perfect place for a 30 second or similar advert.

Just make sure it is relevant.

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