The power of video editing – in a web browser

easily edit video online

The continued growth in online applications took a leap forward – users will soon be able to edit video online with a tool from Metaliq's called Topbanana.

Built using Microsoft’s Silverlight technology it allows users to upload, browse and edit video content online - across different web browsers.

Power to the people

Web mashup sites ( the ability to take content from many sources to create a customised site – check out ‘ popfly ‘ from Microsoft ) continue to grow as users are demanding control of content. With video now making up over 60% of the internets traffic, these online tools that give content control to consumers will only increase in importance and value.
  • The plug-in allows rich applications to be delivered through the web browser ( Adobe’s Apollo technology differs in that it allows stand alone applications to be deployed )

  • Silverlight applications use XAML, a text-based markup language - this enables web search engines to crawl the content. By comparison Adobe Flash pages have to have supplemental code around the media for web crawlers to index for search - this is increased work for the developers.

  • It works across browsers – the plugin works seamlessly across browsers, key from a user point of view and also to get developers on board to give a wide an audience

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