Search goes visual

visual results offer more information - a more complete picture

Pictures paint ......

Search today presents us with text – many argue this method is still the fastest and most effective way to present information. Agreed for sites which are purely information sources and have no content which is visual to either supplement or enhance this information, but many today are not ( even more so with new rich media capabilities of browsers and plug-ins such as Silverlight ).

The argument of text based search results goes back to the days when Windows and Apple desktop were launched.

Search today needs enhancement, a combination of both text and also images – basically the entire webpage delivered to the user, else it is like advertising an art exhibition by only using words.

Visual impact wasted

Web-pages are a rich source of visual information, ( in some cases this is the entire reason for the page) all of this is lost until users until they click through.

Couple this with the issue if you do not appear in the first 10 results then the time and effort of your site visuals is wasted.


This is where a new product from SpaceTime comes in.

Leveraging popular search Google,Yahoo,Ebay and Flickr ( more to be released ) it then displays the first 10 results in an almost identical manner to Windows Vista ‘ layers ‘. By then clicking on these windows it switches you to a familiar 2-D flat view of the web page for viewing.

Another nice feature is previous searches are placed in a toolbar at the bottom of the screen allowing for fast and easy switching.

This exploration of enhancing how search is a positive step to presenting the new media rich web sites in a graphical format, it allows the full context of the page to be considered rather than just how it ranks in the world of search.

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