What next for the humble TV ?

TV goes 3-D

The move into High Definition broadcast now offers couch potatoes around the world a better viewing experience, outdoor advertising is using more interactive and engaging methods to connect with users - what will be the future of this technology ?

A number of manufacturers now have introduced displays which are able to create the illusion of ‘ depth ‘ to the picture with there “ autostereoscopic* “ displays – which in laymen’s terms means you get 3-D images without the need for the red and green glasses we are all used to.

Of course you need to have specially created 3-D material to display ( it will not take todays traditional broadcast feeds and add depth ) however it does give us a glimpse of the next generation of TV.

Another technology which has been around since the 1860’s has been undergoing some radical technology changes and offers display marketing some exciting options.

‘ Peppers Ghost ‘ used a combination of glass ( which was placed in front of stage performers at an angle of 45 degrees ) and projected images to give the illusion of images and objects materialising from thin air.

Bringing this concept forward 150 years today’s marketing technology from companies such as Vizoo uses a thin gauze and modern day computing horse power to produce 3-D images which quite literally float in mid air.

Linking these displays to touch screen consoles could give users an interactive and visual experience over and above traditional displays - lets hope these are put to good use in the outdoor and display advertising world.

Holographic Lexus floats and spins in mid air

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