Madonna to play concert in Casper, Wyoming.....

pull content to your hometown

For most big acts it is quiet simple, book a massive venue such as Wembly Stadium or Madison Square Garden, promote the event through traditional media channels such as radio and you will have a sell out crowd.

What if you are on the periphery, have a reasonable sized but dislocated fan base. Or those who have a strong popularity based on some geographical factor, the
question for these people is how to identify where you are in demand.

The answer - a website called ‘ Eventful

Founded in 2004 it enables it’s members to ‘ request ‘ performers / acts to come and perform in their local districts. By influencing performers to come to their local districts it not only helps take the risk from choosing where to venue but is also a brilliant example of marketing technology allowing consumers to pull content , although in this case physical people.
marketing technology
Other features include
  • Ability to link your ITunes and to the site to be alerted when these performers are in town or on the road.
  • Community forums around sharing and creating events with communication tools such as widgets and email.

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