The end of the poster?

Terminal 5 , Heathrow's soon to be opened British Airways Terminal will have over 300 digital ' sites ' installed, representing over half the advertising real estate within the terminal.

It is anticipated over 27 million passengers will pass through the terminal per year - a good majority of these are classed as primary targets for advertisers.

Digital in this space allows felxibility and interaction - flexibility which will adapt information and messages as passengers pass through the different locations within the airport, interaction as BA hold some very useful information through their membership programs and partnerships that could be put to good use.


Mark Taylor said...

They could also target ads based on destination - during certain periods of the day certain destinations are more common (afternoon for the Americas for example).

Trevor Attridge said...

Complimentary technology to increase the type and use of digital outdoor - advent of colour digital e-paper for commercial use.

" In operation, the e-paper uses one-hundredth to one-thousandth of the energy required by "conventional display technologies", Fujitsu said, falling to zero when the image is unchanged. "