Radio gets impersonal

radio adds companionship ?

I've covered on several occasions music serving providers such as Pandora and more recently Dizzler but with Last.fm's recent sale to CBS has put these services firmly in the spot light.

Apart from how to monetize these offerings is the fact that all content selection is driven by technology and users, not DJ's.

This personalized targeted approach is exactly what we all want right ? - maybe not.

The future

In the future we will have at our finger tips our own personalized music and TV channels.

These will be built from combinations of our existing habits from viewing, subscriptions and recordings and be delivered with some form of advertising ( still debate how this will work ) but one important element is missing, people.

Will our lives be then just one single stream of entertainment with absolutely no human element ?


You can Partner with social networking sites to increased the social element but you still need to have the timely injection of the DJ and TV presenter.

We have to remember that people listen and watch TV not just for the specific content, but also for companionship.

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