Video Search - The Eyes have it.....

tveyes - using voice recognition to enhance search

In a previous post I discussed the issues around searching the web for video content.

The issue - relying on meta tagging ( the information used to describe the content of the file ) to find exactly what you are looking for. This data can more often that not be unreliable, too short in it’s description of the entire clip and in most cases is a manual human task.

This problem is only going to increase – today over 60% of the traffic on the Internet is video based, weekly we see more content providers and portals coming online.

Joining Blinkx is TVeyes, a content search service that also uses voice recognition technology to index and therefore make searchable television and radio content from the US, UK Canada.
While not necessarily guaranteeing 100% results it does go a long way in providing a viable complimentary technology for video search and marketing opportunities

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