Motorola adopts Google approach.....

Motorola is developing software which scans SMS messages on the users handset to then deliver ' relevant ' advertising, using a combination of key words from the text and also your GPS location.

The article in the Times goes on to give examples of a user texting the word ' hungry ' to then be sent adverts for restaurants in the local area.

Recent studies from Dynamic Logic for the Hilton’s Hampton hotel chain showed a positive increase in the Hotels brand awareness by advertising on’s WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) site, demonstrating there is indeed a market for relevant mobile advertising content.

All sounds interesting working in a similar fashion to Google Mail, therefore the same concerns have to be raised over privacy and relevance.

Speaking of relevance, I can't help thinking with the circle of friends and the ' colourful ' language they use, I could have a quite a few offers from the local sex shop if the technology goes live...... marketing technology


sbackl said...

I dont think this is a bad idea as such, advertising is all around us and I do not mind too much on my phone as long as it is not excessive and relevant if I am receiving a message about cars and Ford pops up discreetly fine if I its about marketing or Seo and search engine optimization yorkshire and im in yorkshire fine, but if it is constant bombardment of upgrades and random constant ads then I would actually consider changing networks, it has to be subtle and not excessive.

Jez Toll said...

I think this is a bad idea. I really don't want to be sent advertising text messages each time I send a text to my friends.
What would happen if I texted "I want to be a graphic designer" to someone? Does that mean I'd have every web design company texting me to sell their services? Is there no privacy any more?