The power of WOM

First Maurice Levy , the chairman of Publicis was quoted as saying there are essentially too many new media companies ( Facebooks, Myspaces , Second Life’s ) chasing too little advertising revenue.

Then Google’s UK Director highlighted too many brands are venturing into the Web 2.0 space and not thinking of their position or the key attributes of their products, urging them to ' get back to basics ' or risk being ineffective.

All of this points towards brands and agencies still grappling with how to effectively use Web 2.0, but then something really smart –

Primark has decided to not create it’s own dedicated space within Facebook – the reason, it’s own customers ‘ unofficial ‘ group of over 94,000 users is of far more value than “ anything they could themselves create.”

Primemark recognises that social networks are about the people who reside there, this is a great example of how it is using it’s customers brand loyalty to good effect – giving up an element of control it recognises this loss gives an honest and genuine platform for engaging conversations to grow and take place.

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Mark Taylor said...

The question is can advertisers resist creating a profile page on the networks that is simply an "easy" way the attract eyeballs. Can they provide a venue that offers real value to their customers and future customers.