Satisfied customers are your best sales people....

Positive Word of Mouth, making your customers brand advocates is today an important part of any marketing strategy.

With the clutter and the shear volume of advertising ‘ spam ‘ we are all subject to, trusting and listening to others who have already experienced a brands many touch points ( sales team, call centres ) and used its products or services, gives us an authentic message no marketing department can replicate.

After all whose interests do they have at heart ?

Previous posts around WOM spreading product adoption through recommendation have all given positives to this medium. However as with all positives there are negatives.

None better demonstrated than through a recent article on a colleagues blog about creating positive relationships, his example of how not to do this was taken from a kitchen manufacturer called Moben.

Reviewing user ratings of both the companies service and product comments made on the price comparison site DooYou, it was a good opportunity to apply a simple but effective method for measuring customer satisfaction – Net Promoter Score ( NPS )

About NPS

A simple question is asked with a scale of between 0 and 10 – “ How likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or colleague “ .


  • 9 – 10 you are classed as a promoter
  • 7 – 8 are passive
  • 0 – 6 are known as Detractors


The thinking is promoters are you brand advocates, the people who will likely recommend your company and it’s products to friends ( depending on the product and also the peer standing of these people will effect the pass on rate and acceptance of these recommendations – more here on this topic )


Neither a promoter of a detractor. Not likely to promote or air negative views.


Will not be a long term customer, have a negative and will be vocal in their criticism.


As you would expect gaining a NPS of 100% is the highest accolade an organisation could hope for, however in the real world star performing score in the high 80%’s, with most companies occupying the 10 – 5% space.

Those with a negative number are in trouble, customers are defiantly not happy.

Why is NPS it important ?

Studies conducted have linked NPS to a companies financial performance against it’s peers.

Research from the London School of Economics ( Advocacy Drives Growth ) has shown companies with high ( NPS )and therefore higher word of mouth advocacy out perform their competitors.

More importantly the research found a 1% reduction in negative word of mouth, led to over £24 million in additional revenues.

While there is debate as to whether a single number can predicate a companies success, there can be no doubt people willing to promote your company can only be positive.

Now Moben - Winner or Looser ?

Applying NPS to the feedback on DooYou, they scored a worrying

56% *, a definite looser.

NPS Stars

* The scoring used was not in line with the 0 – 10 NPS uses , therefore the following scale was applied . 5 -4 promoter, 3 passive and 2 - 1 Detractors.

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