Credit crunch – a time for free calls ?

Previously I touched on the concept of Blyk, the virtual mobile operator that gives free minutes to it’s users in return for accepting targeted advertising.

The challenge - whether they could thrive when mobile minutes are so cheap, would people be prepared to accept these interruptions?

Also the question of effectiveness comes into play, mobile being the most personal of all addressable media the targeting of advertising has to fulfil the ‘ contextual and relevant ‘ requirements more so than any other medium.

It seems they are succeeding on both counts, firstly by announcing deals to expand the service beyond the UK to Germany, Belgium and Spain and secondly by higher than average response and opt in rates from it’s subscribers ( a recent campaign for boots the chemist, 1 in 7 Blyk members responded to the campaign ).

Blyks user base now stands at over 100,000 users who are all fully opted in to receive marketing communications, demonstrating this key audience of 16 – 24 year olds are more than willing to accept the odd interruption marketing technology

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