Surrender or drown

The web grows bigger – fact

Content creation is estimated to be growing at around a billion pages per day

Google recently reached a milestone of a trillion pages while running there indexing tools.

Now of course there is a lot of content which is replicated and duplicated but even considering this it still leaves a staggering amount of new information, content and ‘stuff ‘ that makes our jobs even harder to find relevant and more importantly contextual content when we hit that search button.

Search tools fundamental purpose in life is to separate the wheat from the chaff, using smart technology to aid in the sorting process to deliver results which fulfil our criteria, but also deliver the all important contextual advertising that drives the revenue for search companies.

Companies such as Google admit that technology though can only go part of the way to solving the search problem, encouraging us to share information and store our browsing history to further improve these results but leading to privacy debates which continually rage.

So do we have to surrender our personal privacy so as not to drown in non relevant search results ?

A new entrant into the market place is Cuil, a start-up whose privacy policy very clearly states that they keep no logs, no history and do not use the information your computer sends in any way to identify you could be the life preserver many people are looking for.

Question is how then, with this expanding universe of data and information, can they provide today ( let alone the future ) a search tool that delivers relevancy?

Key features :


“Cuil prefers to find all the pages with your keyword or phrase and then analyze the rest of the content on those pages. During this analysis we discover that your keywords have different meanings in different contexts. Once we’ve established the context of the pages, we’re in a much better position to help you in your search.”


“We separate different ideas from each other so you can choose the one that interests you. We pick images to illustrate the idea behind each page to aid you in your choice. We include roll-over definitions and offer you ideas to refine your search.”

Search the web, not it’s users

“Because Cuil analyzes Web pages and not click-throughs, we don’t need to know your search history and habits” marketing technology
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