21st Century Wishing well

....wishing well in Covent Garden marketing.wishes displayed on screens inside

Spin-vox, the voice to text service has a great interactive / outdoor installation in London's Covent garden. The two story mirrored building is striking in both its position in the piazza outside the Royal opera house and it's exterior of mirrored walls, which are discreetly covered with letters from the alphabet giving little clue as to why it is there.

Closer inspection you are told to call a local telephone number, with your wish. A wish that will then be displayed on one of the many screens positioned inside in this 21st century wishing well.

I liked first and foremost the surprise of the mirrored wishing well in one of London's more famous busy shopping areas. It's not often that you take a second look or time out from your day to investigate what is essentially a piece of advertising. Secondly the whole execution encourages you to use the service, to interact to then see your wish displayed on the screens had everyone (including me) talking with a buzz.

After walking away it was only then I appreciated how robust the technology was, correctly interpreting (and subsequently displaying inside) my request for a big red Ferrari over a mobile phone in the middle of a busy shopping area was I have to admit, pretty impressive.

Now lets hope dreams do indeed come true.

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