teenage birth on playing field
"Leicester Teenage Pregnancy Partnership"
Two great examples of how ' apparently ' real world events being captured by mobile phone unfolding in front of you results in both increased impact, an air of authenticity and also have created a buzz of nearly 4 million views combined through the online community.
Context is everything.
marketing technology
The first is a recently banned by YouTube video of a school girl giving birth on the playing field. Using apparent mobile phone footage brings home that these events while exaggerated in terms of the location, are an occurrence affecting the young - association of the school and the mobile together to bring this context to life.

The second, an albeit more mainstream effort to convince us to part with our hard earned cash is a recent 'viral' showing that throwing a tantrum in a public place is actually rewarded, in this case with a nice new shiney car. I have to be honest, this is far less convincing - the ' laser ' eyes somewhat detract from the efforts to make this insitu occurance convincing, plus the car which is causing all of this is far from spectacular - even the colour is crap.
marketing tech
Buick viral - even the colour is crap

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