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3 TV spots, all using customer feedback information in the commercial to validate their claims. marketing technology
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The significance for these products and brands (apart from all being in the beauty segment ) John Frieda, Dove, Gillette Quattro is that the tone of the message is moving from merely a broadcast message which is traditionally associated with Television to one that more resembles online – using customer feedback (and therefore an element of transparency and honesty) to support the marketing message.

Previous attempts to add credibility to products which are being ‘punted’ on TV have revolved around awards and accolades – while these do add an element of validity to the marketers promises, are always somewhat removed in terms of actual context from the day to day that we consumers live in, or lack the depth in how their products may be used by us the consumer.

The best 4x4 by far, as voted by What car magazine or European car of the year does not add the context by which I will actually use the product. It’s a start I agree, but how about “ as voted by the soccer mums of New Jersey who have 3 children, drive approximately 10,000 miles per year, drive on vacation to the Canada each year towing two boats and is occasionally used by the husband at weekends “ would give that context wrapper that online reviews achieve.

While Whiskers cat food has been doing it for years on TV ( using cats ! ) I think it is going to be interesting to see which brands start trying to adopt more consumer lead recommendation endorsement through the channel of TV.

But be warned, using TV alone and throwing up a few numbers will eventually result in these messages being passed over by consumers.

The winners will be those that

  • Use information and data that is believable and statistically valid – asking 75 people, does this really represent a valid audience for a product that sells millions of units ?
  • Support these claims through the online channels to again give authenticity to these claims
  • Use feedback mechanisms to continue to garner insights from both the happy and dissatisfied customers.
  • Build depth to the stories and use this depth to build relationships with those people whose feedback you are ultimately using to promote your product.

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