In the up and coming German consumer electronics trade fair show (the IFA) Sony are expected to announce their entrance into 3D TV.

While the timing of the actual launch of the sets into the market has yet to be announced, it's immanency echo's the general feeling in the industry that 3D TV is prime for launch ( back in 2007 I reported of the advancments in this area )

Recently Gartner published their hype cycle for emerging technologies with 3D Flat panel displays right at the cusp of the technology trigger. Sony's announcement validates their predictions that the technology is now entering mainstream, but with a word of warning - the hype around the technology still has to pass through the high expectations and subsequent disappointment consumers will experience before becoming both widely adopted and appreciated.

It will be interesting to see the reception from the market, with companies such as Phillips in the past having already pulled out from further promoting or developing it's WOWvx technology which gave the impression of depth and allowed for different viewing angles, without the need for 3D glasses ( Sony's implementation will require "active shutter" glasses to view )

Did Phillips pull out of the market too soon, will Sony's entrance into this space ignite again interest from the manafacturers?

source: Reuters

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