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A recent article in Wired magazine this month pointed towards the shift in need for search engines to mine and present information in the here and now - rather than days old, minutes and hours are the order of the day in this forever changing world.

The explosion of microblogging

More and more organisations are moving their brands and content into the social space, handing over control to the potential customers.

With this barometer of online conversations and expressions it is essential that marketeers gain understanding what these people are communicating about, what their passions, topics and interests are in order to build communication strategies and also subsequently measure these campaigns effectivness is essential, the more "real time" the better.

With this assumption ( Google is as not representative of the 'current' as these social media search tools ) I thought it would be interesting to see if indeed this disconnect actually existed.

Polling Google, CNN and One Riot it was interesting to see that Google's top search queries in some part matched the results from One Riot the social network mining tool, the focus of the 'top searches' and 'talked about' items from the social sites showed a gossip and entertainment skew.

So while Googles approach in terms of frequency as to how it index's and organises the web may need updating when collating and presenting information, it demonstrates that the tool is indeed reflective of the buzz in the microblogging - the assumption would be users in these discussion 'storms' will be making use of the search tool to research and find further information of the topics being discussed.

Previously I posted the behaviour of users on social site Twitter and where these users went after their Tweeting session, with over 55% heading towards Entertainment sites. It is no surprise then that Global news did not figure the social media side. What was surprising CNN's main entertainment headline stories were nowhere to be seen on either Google or more importantly OneRiot.

Is this virtue of the different audiences and users on CNN vs the social networking sites, or are CNN off the mark?

Searches performed Sunday 4th Otober @ 10:41 am
marketing technology

Google Zeitgist data 48 minutes old

  1. maya angelou
  2. madonna snl
  3. lady gaga snl
  4. hot karl
  5. anvil
  6. anvil band
  7. filthy sanchez
  8. zombieland rules list
  9. vikram buddhi
  10. blue duck tavern

CNN Top stories
Periodic update

  1. 'Drink' scandal Japan ex-minister found dead
  2. 15 dead as typhoon whips the Philippines
  3. U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan
  4. Greeks head to polls for early elections
  5. Vettel victory keeps alive F1 title dreams
  6. Agencies rush to aid Samoans hit by tsunami
  7. Group to Japan: Release American dad
  8. India faces deadly rains
  9. Rio's win a victory for tearful da Silva
  10. Hundreds still missing after Indonesia quakes
  11. 50 dead or missing in Italy mudslides
  12. Kidneys bought and sold on black market
  13. Sunderland hold Man Utd at Old Trafford
  14. Sharapova lands Tokyo title as Jankovic quits


  1. Arrest of Letterman extortion suspect shocks family
  2. Polanski promised $500K to rape victim in '93
  3. Judge says Michael Jackson's kids 'doing wonderfully'
  4. CBS producer pleads not guilty to trying to blackmail Letterman
  5. Are Katy Perry and Russell Brand dating?
  6. Lauren Conrad admits she's one bad actress

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