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'tweet map'
Trendsmap - a neat way of visually seeing what topics are being discussed on Twitter from around the world.
While other services from Oneriot and Bing allow you to search Twitter for conversations that have already happened, Trendsmap shows you in real time the conversations and emerging trends as they happen - similar to being an observer in a room full of people listening to their conversations.
Featuring a form of tag cloud it not only demonstrates Twitters users are indeed ' entertainment ' focused in their twits, but also allows you to ' take a step back ' giving an element of context and allowing you to infer what the keys words being surfaced actually relate.
Why is this important?
Admittedly using buzz tools from Visible technologies and Crimson Hexagon give depth and insight ( using algorithms and people to measure sentiment and glean meaning ) they all operate in the past.
My previous post on this showed that Googles Zeitgeist did indeed reflect what these chat rooms were engaged in, however one can only feel that with the immediacy the web brings that there is an opportunity for marketeers to combine this real time data with more traditional 'old time' data gleaned from web crawls to build an additional touch point to engage with consumers.


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