Where's Wally?

With most hand-held devices now being shipped with GPS capabilities and the launch of Facebook places sharing your whereabouts has never been easier.

Not all of us want to continually broadcast, so how do you control what and when you display ( if at all ) your location information?

Changing the settings from within the application to display just city level information rather than more detailed location is laborious, even more so on a hand-held device.

Research by Lukasz Jedrzejczyk aims to make this far simpler by using the 'shake' motion of the phone to determine the level of information that is shared. For example ' up and down ' would share the users location to everyone, moving the phone away from the body would just share city info.

To ensure the phone is not activated by day to day moments ( such as jogging ) the software is activated by a dynamic movement - once activated the software can then recognise the preceding actions and set the privacy controls accordingly.

paper can be found here : click

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