The end of the impulse purchase?

Recent research shows not only the pivotal role the Internet now plays in both pre and post purchase cycles as we seek out more value during these recessionary times, but also the key differences between the two largest economies on the planet.

Compared to the US, Asian consumers outranked their counterparts in using digital media when considering purchases:

59% of Asians used the Internet during the pre-purchase journey compared to 28% of consumers in the US;
45% of Asians used a mobile phone during purchase (in-store) compared to 25% of consumers in the US;
19% of Asians used digital media following post-purchase compared to 12% of consumers in the US.

It was also shown 72% of those surveyed had changed their mind about a purchase when they had used their phone in the store.

With the increase in mobile phone usage to access the internet, this spells both an opportunity and a threat to that all but infamous impulse purchase. An opportunity for those retailers and brands who are tuned into their customers key decision considerations and are able to service this real-time, on-demand. A threat for those who continue to blindly use old school tactics in order to influence the consumers purchase decision.

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