Bing is........

New marketing campaign from Microsoft to promote Bing encourages users to enter a search term 'Bing is for doing' and then an activity they would like to try 'more than anything in the world'.  

The campaign originally launched on Facebook then 'brings to life' some of these ideas, currently Ines from London climbing up a very big tree in the Amazon - good for Ines, could not think of anything better to do in my spare time.

Nice idea, pushing people to explore the virtues of a search tool which, is progressively improving with features and usability however still surrounded by negativity from existing versions and having to compete with the ever so strong Google.

And there is the problem.

Punching in Bing is....   you are then presented with a number of predictive options which are less than complimentary, maybe someone needs to have a look at their algorithm and make some changes.

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