Mobile Marketing live ‘snacks’

This week sees the first Mobile Marketing Live conference in London’s Angel district.  Spread over two days a combination of seminars and the standard exhibition space it’s a chance to reacquaint yourself with this ubiquitous platform, that in reality is overlooked in terms of both marketing spend and also as part of the engagement with your customers.

Some information “snacks” from my time there today.


Appstore now incorporates facebook ‘likes’ into app reviews.  The importance of quality product, regardless of price is even more essential.

Horizontal scrolling within appstore means the real estate allows for paid, free and top grossing to be viewed at once.  

Holding a top three position is now even more important due to this new view, however there is now no button to move to the next 25 items, in effect you can scroll from #1 to#100 without pause.
UDID is now being replaced with Advertiser identifier.   

UDID was attached to the actual device, now it is not – similarities to cookies with the option for users to opt out of tracking and addresses the issue around privacy UDID


Highlighted more people in the world have access to a mobile phone, than a toothbrush.

From a search perspective they see as a % of overall queries 24% come from mobile phones

Mobile generally has higher conversion  ratios than other access methods .

For significant events, such as Mother’s day more flowers of purchased via mobile phone than other methods (blokes down the pub who have forgotten) 

1 out of 4 videos viewed on YouTube are via mobile devices.

That 28% of the total time people are connected to the internet is via mobile.

Paddy Power – 50% of bets come from mobile

That the % of sites that are optimized (truly optimized, not just a scaled down version) is not proportionate to the traffic they command. Organisations should adopt “Intelligent responsive design”

Attribution and the role of mobile requires effort and focus

Google+ is now upto 400 million users, with 100 million regular users
28% of people check their social status before getting out of bed
Tablet sales will outstrip PC sales in the near future.


On their mobile users, only 4% access the guardian via their application.
However that 4% represent 40% of the total time people spend on the site.
They are tailoring of content on their sites to the time of day – lunch time VS early evening.
Device usage starts with mobile in the morning, shifts to PC during the day then tablet in the evening.
The online space is still in an embryonic stage, exactly how to monetize this they are still uncertain.

One such idea (broadband levy ) is discussed here :


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