GPS for mobile phones - Finding your way

In a previous post I touched on location based marketing, tagging and the side benefits that GPS navigation has revolutionized not only the journey on which you punch in, but also allows you a freedom of showing you what you do not know in the vicinity.

The future use of this technology is set to increase into the mainstream with the recent news of acquisitions made which are set to reduce the cost of the technology.

The price point being quoted of
$1 for a GPS chip now means most handset manufactures could include the technology as standard within their mobile phones.

Presently the cost of software which is used to drive these maps is preventing this from becoming mainstream - however with Googles entry into both the mobile phone and the map market on both a local and global scale, these costs can only plummet.

With these new ultra addressable phones marketeers must ensure their messages follow the three R's - Relevant ( time place and in context ) Relationship ( the phone is tool on which these are built ) and Respect - spam

This week I was forwarded a note on how GPS is helping the visually impaired – a great demonstration on how technology is making a difference to the day to day lives of people.

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