No Snipers at Terminal 5

anything but

From a security standpoint a good thing, from a marketing point of view - bad.

Terminal 5 in London has generated press and hype for many reasons over the past year, from a marketing standpoint being lauded as the next generation of user engagement - with over 300 digital screens positioned around the airport.

With all the technology at the hands of the marketer’s, the promise of a more targeted approach to outdoor advertising seemed to be here.

Unfortunately, it is anything but.

I appreciate that while we are still some way off actually identifying ' all ' passengers while in transit on a personal level, I feel a little disappointed that very little effort has been made at the very least addressing ' the group ' or where possible engaging on a one to one level.

During my entire visit not once was I prompted to download content to my mobile phone - despite many media screens running what can only be described as ' looped ' traditional TV spots – amazingly there was not one interactive screen.

T5 makes use of escalators and transit train to take you from the main part of the airport to the aircraft departures, only three static posters for a journey which takes over 15 minutes.

It went from an intense jumble of adverts all competing for attention in the main shopping areas to desert like barrenness in large portions of the airport.

marketing Desert marketing technology advertising interactiveBrand clutter

The one oasis in all of this was from a single brand – HSBC who continues to sponsor the jetties and pontoons which connect you to the aircraft – still all in traditional static format.

All of this considered it just goes to show the technology does not give an advantage if used ineffectively.

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